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How to unsubscribe Jazzcash Account

If you want to unsubscribe from Jazzcash account or close your Jazzcash account then, follow the steps given in this easy guide.



jazzcash mobile account

You can unsubscribe from Jazzcash account if you no longer need it. There are many cases when you don’t want to continue with Jazzcash online wallet facilities.

To unsubscribe from Jazzcash account or to close Jazzcash account, make sure you follow these steps:-

  • Firstly download all of your Jazzcash account statements so that you don’t loose them later on.
  • Download or note down any important information that you want to save for later use.
  • Withdraw all of your remaining Jazzcash account balance and make it strictly ZERO.
  • Once you’re done with above steps, you should now make a call to 4444 or 021-111-124-444 Jazzcash helpline number.

Following through the automated call operator guidelines on call, press the right numbers to talk with Jazzcash customer care operator. Usually, its 101 to dial until you reach the operator.

Ask the Jazzcash customer care agent to close your account or unsubscribe your account. The agent will ensure that you account is active and currently the balance is ZERO. S/he may also ask some additional identity information to close your account.

Hence, your Jazzcash account shall be unsubscribed or closed successfully.

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How to Send Money through Easypaisa without App



Easypaisa has multiple options to send or transfer money to either CNIC, bank account, or to another mobile account. Normally you send or transfer money via Easypaisa mobile app.

In case you don’t have an Easypaisa app or you’re without internet, still you can send money through Easypaisa without app by following the steps below.

  1. Take a photocopy of your original CNIC
  2. Note down or get the CNIC number of the person to whom you want to send money
  3. (Optional) Note down or get the mobile phone number of the receiver
  4. Find your nearest EasyPaisa retailer outlet now and go there by following the map directions
  5. Tell the retailer that you want to ‘send money through EasyPaisa’
  6. Retailer will ask the following information from you:
    1. Amount to transfer
    2. Your CNIC copy or CNIC number
    3. Your mobile number
    4. Receiver’s CNIC number
    5. Receiver’s mobile number
  7. Now, the retailer will initiate the money transfer and ask you to enter a secret passcode / pin / code that you can share later with the receiver secretly. Don’t tell this code to anyone, not even retailer.
  8. Now the retailer will complete the transaction and once it is done, you will be given transaction ID by the retailer and a hard copy of sending a payment (optional at some places).
  9. You’ll also receive transaction ID on your given phone number and the receiver shall also receive the transaction ID to receive payment from the nearest Easypaisa Outlet.
  10. Pay the amount you requested to transfer as well as the service charges for sending the payment. View Service charges for sending money through EasyPaisa.
  11. Finally, share the passcode with the receiver and ask him/her to receive the money from any nearest EasyPaisa outlet.

In case you face any issue with EasyPaisa money transfer or miss your code, call to EasyPaisa helpline numbers for immediate contact.

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EasyPaisa Helpline Numbers



Easypaisa has multiple helpline numbers for its customers and new users who want to sign up with Easypaisa. For Telenors users, its easy to contact with EasyPaisa while users on other networks can contact EasyPaisa by direct calling. Following are the EasyPaisa helpline numbers for your reference:

  • For non-telenor users or anyone, helpline number is (021 / 042 / 051 ) 111-003-737
  • For Telenor users, EasyPaisa helpline number is 3737
  • For merchants 345-545 (accessible from Telenor numbers)
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EasyPaisa Money Transfer Service Charges: October 2020 to December 2020



EasyPaisa updates its service charges every 4 months. This page lists down the latest service charges for money transfer through EasyPaisa. We update this page for your reference so, bookmark this page to see the latest charges information anytime.

EasyPaisa Money Transfer (CNIC to CNIC) Charges

Transaction AmountsService Fee (Incl. Tax)
PKR 1 to PKR 1,000 PKR 70
PKR 1,001 to PKR 2,500 PKR 130
PKR 2,501 to PKR 4,000 PKR 200
PKR 4,001 to PKR 6,000 PKR 270
PKR 6,001 to PKR 8,000 PKR 330
PKR 8,001 to PKR 10,000 PKR 390
PKR 10,001 to PKR 13,000 PKR 440
PKR 13,001 to PKR 16,000 PKR 500
PKR 16,001 to PKR 20,000 PKR 650
PKR 20,001 to PKR 25,000 PKR 800

EasyPaisa Inter Bank Funds Transfer (IBFT) Charges

Transaction Amounts Service Fee (Incl. Tax)
PKR 1 to PKR 1,000 PKR 35
PKR 1,001 to PKR 2,500 PKR 50
PKR 2,501 to PKR 4,000 PKR 65
PKR 4,001 to PKR 6,000 PKR 80
PKR 6,001 to PKR 8,000 PKR 90
PKR 8,001 to PKR 10,000 PKR 105
PKR 10,001 to PKR 13,000 PKR 120
PKR 13,001 to PKR 16,000 PKR 130
PKR 16,001 to PKR 20,000 PKR 155
PKR 20,001 to PKR 25,000 PKR 170

EasyPaisa Utility Bill Payment (OTC) Charges

  • PKR 0.00 (This product is free for customers)

EasyPaisa International Home Remittances Charges

  • PKR 0.00 (This product is free for customers
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How to Open Jazzcash Mobile Account (2020’s Step by Step Guide)



how to open jazzcash mobile account -

Jazzcash mobile account acts as a real bank account that uses your registered mobile number as bank account number. You can fully operate this account from your mobile phone. Just like regular bank account mobile wallets, you can use it anytime from anywhere throughout Pakistan and outside Pakistan as well. You don’t need to visit any bank branch to open this account or for any updates. 24/7 Jazzcash helpline is available that helps you with activation and deactivation of your Jazzcash account. You don’t need any documents like electricity bills, income certificate or source, and/or any other reference document to open Jazzcash mobile account.

Jazzcash mobile account works on all mobile phones even if you don’t have modern touch smartphones.

For non-smartphones: If you want to use Jazzcash account from a non-smartphone phone, you can use codes to operate your Jazzcash mobile account. You can easily make deposits or withdrawals through any Mobilink Microfinance Bank Branch, Jazz Franchise or Business Center and JazzCash Agents spread across Pakistan.

For Smartphones: If you want more easier way to use Jazzcash mobile account then, install Jazzcash app to send money from your account to other Jazzcash account, CNIC, or bank account. You can order Jazzcash debit card to withdraw money as well as making in-store transactions in malls. Jazzcash debit card can be used to pay to Google, Bing, Facebook, Daraz, Amazon, and even all online websites payment gateways that accept prepaid debit cards.

Previously, at Moboax, we published how you can register Jazzcash account via its mobile app. Now on the request of visitors, we’ve added step by step guide to open Jazzcash mobile account in 2020.

Below is the 4 Step by Step guide, with complete details under them, to Open Jazzcash Mobile Account from Any Phone: –

#1 Register your Jazzcash Mobile Account

JazzCash Mobile Account can be registered on any network mobile number:

  • Biometric-verified Jazz and Warid customers can self-register their Mobile Account simply by dialing *786# and entering their CNIC Issuance date mentioned on the CNIC.
  • Other network customers can register their Mobile Account through biometric verification by visiting nearest JazzCash Agents, Jazz Franchise, Experience Center or Download the Mobile App to self-register for a Mobile Account from the comfort of their home.

#2 Setup your personal MPIN Upon successful registration

  • Jazz and Warid customers can dial *786# or use Mobile App to create their desired 4 digit MPIN.
  • Other network customers can create their MPIN through Mobile App.
  • All transactions made from Mobile Account are secured with this 4 digit MPIN. If you ever forget your MPIN, please call 4444 from Jazz or Warid number or 021-111-124-444 from any other number to reset your MPIN.

#3 Deposit money into your Mobile Account

  • Once your Mobile Account registration is complete, you can deposit money free of cost from any JazzCash Agent. To locate your nearest JazzCash Agent, please write ‘B’ in an SMS and send it to 2179 (free), dial *786*0*1# or search here.
  • In addition, if you already have a Bank account, you can transfer money instantly from your Bank Account by using funds transfer facility through Online Banking or ATM. All you need to do is select ‘Mobilink Microfinance Bank’ (formerly Waseela Microfinance Bank) as the receiver Bank and use your Mobile number as the account number.
  • Whether you deposit from a JazzCash Agent or through Bank, funds will be credited to your account instantly and you will receive a confirmation SMS from 8558.

#4 Start using your Mobile Account

In order to make a transaction from your Mobile Account:

  • Jazz and Warid customers can dial *786# anytime anywhere and follow the steps to complete any transaction. Jazz and Warid customers can also use their Mobile Account through Mobile App.
  • Other network customers can use their Mobile Account through Mobile App only.
  • All your transactions will be accompanied with a digital receipt which will be sent from 8558.

What are Transaction Limits on Jazzcash Mobile Account?

Below are the transaction limits on Jazzcash mobile account with different levels:-

Account LevelDaily CreditDaily DebitMonthly Credit & DebitYearly Credit & DebitMax Balance
Level 025,00025,00050,000200,000200,000
Level 150,00050,000200,0001,200,0001,200,000
Level 2400,00050,000500,0006,000,0001,500,000

You can check remaining limit of your Mobile Account over any period by calling 4444 from Jazz or Warid number or 051-111-124-444 from any other number.

  • Customers who register by dialing *786# or through Invite Friend service will be registered as Level 0 customers. These customers can upgrade their limit to Level 1 through biometric verification at any JazzCash Agent or Jazz Point.
  • Customers who register through biometric verification at JazzCash Agent or Jazz Point will be registered as Level 1 customers.
  • Customers can upgrade their limit to Level 2 by visiting nearby Mobilink Microfinance Branch with their Original CNIC and Proof of Income.

If you no longer need the same number for your Jazzcash mobile account, here is how to change Jazzcash account number. You can also deactivate your Jazzcash account anytime. Later on you can reactivate your Jazzcash account easily.

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Jazzcash Account Registration

Easy way to Jazz Cash account registration in 5 minutes from home.



jazzcash mobile account

Jazzcash account registration steps are now made easier. Previously, the customer had to sign up for Jazzcash via Jazzcash retailer or shop.

Please follow this new and detailed guide for opening Jazzcash mobile account using different methods.

Now you can register Jazzcash account from home via Jazzcash app.

Following are the steps for Jazz Cash account registration: –

  • Download the Jazzcash App and install it.
  • Add your phone number. It could be any network number on which you want your Jazz cash account.
  • Give or deny the permissions it request for app startup like location, contacts, or phone calls management.
  • Fill out the registration form having your name, CNIC, email which is optional but add it, and CNIC issue date. You can check your CNIC number and issue date from your CNIC. It’s not CNIC expiry date.
  • Accept the terms and conditions by checking the box besides this message.
  • Tap on ‘towards right arrow button’.

You don’t need to have Jazz phone number to register Jazzcash account. Therefore, you can go for Jazz Cash account registration with Ufone, Telenor, Zong, or any other SIM in Pakistan.

You can deactivate or close your Jazzcash account anytime. In case you need to change your account number, follow the guide to change Jazzcash account number.

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