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Terms of Services

Glad to meet you here.

This page defines the terms and conditions for Moboax website visitors, readers, followers, commentators, subscribers, and/or anyone who browses / uses this website.

Our terms are clear and transparent for everyone including individuals and connected partners. Using our website in any form, for any reason, via any medium, and / or for whatever time period, means that you agree to our terms described on this page.

Before understanding our terms, let us help you to know what possible actions can be accomplished using our website.

  • Visiting website or web pages.
  • Reading content on our website.
  • Sharing the content from our website to your social networks or anywhere else.
  • Commenting, replying, or reviewing on published content.

In addition to above actions, following may also incur.:-

Contacting us by any way and for any reason including but not limited to DMCA complaint, ad placement / promotion, guest post, becoming a partner / subscriber / follower / writer, and / or viewing / watching our visual content.

What you can do without fearing legal penalties at and for Moboax?

You can easily visit our website; read our content shared for public; use your own password to access private content; view visual content u0026amp; ads; share content links to your social networks or other place; contribute to website content by sharing your stories, reviews, comments, and ideas; contacting us via our contact form(s), direct email, and / or our official social media pages; liking or voting on content; and / or interacting with our website content u0026amp; ads with clearly allowed ways.

What can cause legal penalty or problem to you?

Sharing our content illegally i-e copying, republishing, duplicating, and / or sending content.

Sharing content and its reference links on blacklisted, drugs, pornography, sexuality, offense-promoting, gambling, hacking, link farms, thin-affiliate, and / or any website that have bad reputation or considered to be fake / scam. The reason of sharing then whatever would be, it would be considered illegal and that’s it.

Sharing shareable content without consent, prior permission, without reference to our content link in clear context with proper visibility, and / or with misleading comments about our website / business / content that may affect our reputation and audience-base.

Spamming our website with any content, sending digital messages to server that may affect our website performance, attacking our web server with denial of service attack requests, querying our website database without permission, accessing our website hidden / apparently secured / private resources for whatever reason, sending garbage data to our digital channels, attempting to access our website and its server illegally, trying to upload malicious data / code / messages via any channel / way, and / or manipulating our content in comparison to other similar or closely-related websites.

What could be possible outcomes of not abiding by our terms?

Simply. As you sow, so shall you reap.

Universal Law

Firstly, it depends on our higher authorities to decide at the time of loss, problem, or issue occurred due to your action. Based on its severity, it will be decided what exactly should be done to mitigate the risk / threat / loss.

Normally, your internet protocol is recorded upon your each visit to our website. Your internet ISP is also recorded. Therefore, we usually have your geo-location. Even if you are behind VPN or firewalls, it is of no use because when a serious matter is under our concerns then, higher authorities have the ability and right to get your original IP / system address / location information / device information using which you connected to that VPN / proxy / firewall. In case of multiple firewalls or middleman channels, all paths are followed to reach you with a cup of coffee.

In case of minor issues, we simply block IP / ISP / range of IPs / user-agent / accounts and whatever could be done to restrict you use our website. In case of urgent blocking, we put a hold on server to give access of just every public resource to public. Instead of that, we allow only our loyal followers, fans, VIP members, support staff, team, and people from specific locations.

We directly report to cyber securities as we have directly access to them and have enough power to track you back. Action to the reports are taken immediately based on our requested priority level.

We also list problematic addresses, users, spammed content, and / or anything we came to know about you on public websites and government database to let everyone know about you. – Thanks us.

About our content

Our content is anything that we share / publish on our website, share it with you via contact channels, share it via our social media channels, and / or distribute to subscribers via emails.

Our content can be in any form i-e visual stories, videos, textual, imagery, audio, and / or encrypted / encoded content resources.

Thank you for taking time to read our terms.

The Moboax Content Team.