Read Deleted Messages for Everyone on WhatsApp without 3rd Party Apps

Many of us delete messages from WhatsApp quickly after sending them. Our embarrassing or over headed messages are deleted by us for everyone. In reality, they can be seen easily on your smartphones.

Permanently deleted messages from WhatsApp are not deleted from your mobile actually. Yes, its true.

Those who still don’t know about this feature, read next few lines.

‘Delete for Everyone’ option is available to Android, iOS, and Windows smartphone users. Once a message is sent, it can be deleted from your chat or we can hide it from our side, it could also be deleted for everyone i-e both from the sender’s chat and the reader’s one, and from server.

Once the message is deleted for everyone, the deleted message is replaced with a deletion note i-e This message was deleted. This note appears on both sides. This feature is same for groups and individual chat logs.

Instead of reading those deleted WhatsApp messages using 3rd party apps which involved a serious security risk, try our hack which is yet working like a charm.

The WhatsApp backup feature can help you read deleted messages.

Set the time of backing up your WhatsApp messages. Normally, it is 2 AM. You can set it to weekly, monthly, or even daily. All your messages are backed up at that specific time. Now if the chatter deletes any message for everyone or permanently then, you can do any of the following tricks.

  1. Uninstall WhatsApp, resinstall it, restore the backup once you get popup to recover or restore backup. All messages even those which were deleted will be recovered in your chats. Yes. They weren’t deleted from your backup actually.
  2. Those who are pro can make use of WhatsApp back up file without uninstalling WhatsApp.

A serious note

Don’t use 3rd party apps to see hidden messages or for any spying purpose. Actually, you’re allowing them to spy you even after you uninstall them. They can read your confidential chats, messages, call histories, read contacts, email, and much more. They can even use your camera without showing it to you.

Share with us any other trick that you know which can be used to read deleted WhatsApp messages. Mention its pros and cons for others as well in comments.

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