Apple developing a cheap version of HomePod

People familiar with the 2019’s Apple forecasts also revealed that Apple is currently developing a cheap version of HomePod priced below $300. The tweeter will be reduced from the current seven to two. This new product will also arrive in 2020.

Overall, the two most noteworthy places for this year’s Apple Fall conference are the two iPhone and MacBook lineups, especially as one of Apple’s core businesses, the iPhone and other eco-products and camps of Apple. Whether it can make Apple return to the trillion market value this year, the product strength of the product itself and the subsequent shipment performance are very important.

Of course, in addition to a large wave of hardware will likely welcome updates, the release of software products is also a fixed link of the annual fall conference, iOS 13, watchOS 6, macOS 10.15 will be ushered in the official version of the update after the conference.

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