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DMCA Complaint

At Moboax, we highly appreciate and promote ethical content development. Our content writers, designers, and editors are enforced to follow digital millennium copyright act. It ensures our published content is free from copyright infringements.

We accept the fact that human editors can still might make a mistake even after a acceptance check. Therefore, we pay a big thanks to those who let us filter-out infringing content from our website.

Our copyrighted content removal process is quick and transparent.

Prior to content removal initiation, understand what content can be eligible to get removed.

  1. Any written article from any category that is a either direct duplicate or a spin of original content.
  2. Any textual content having a small or larger copied content without making a reference to original creator.
  3. Any image that may be copied or not made for public use by the original creator.
  4. Any icons, styles, or fonts that may subject to illegal use.
  5. Any content on website and any content on Moboax social networks i-e @Moboax on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and on Pinterest (@MoboaxOfficial)

Once you understand this, make note of the following things:-

  • The link / URL / reference to the page having infringed content.
  • The link / URL / reference to the page having original content.

Make note of the publishing dates, any given credits, and any guidelines shared publicly to not share the original content in the way like infringed content.

Additionally, you need to share your contact email, phone number, postal address, and full name to which any official contact can be made.

Finally, email us at [email protected] with noted links and your information.

Our content development team typically replies within 2-3 days but, in some cases it may take longer than usual. We expect the response within a month of a response from our side. If you failed to respond within a month then, you need to submit a new request.

Suggest us with content improvements on our website by emailing us at content at the rate of

Thanks from Moboax Content Team.